Excercise Demo’s

The FireWOD uses a variety of movements and exercises found in a variety of other training programs.  We believe in training with compound multi joint movements that mimic the duties a firefighter must perform while on duty.  FireWOD also recognizes the need to train the body and mind to be able to perform well in all situations as firefighters never know what they may be expected to do.  Exercises found in the WOD’s can also be found in MMA training, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Crossfit, Caveman training, Olympic lifting, P90X, and other training systems.  There are thousands of online tutorials on exercise movements and how to perform them properly.  FireWOD believes in sound mechanics before beginning new exercises to reduce the risk of injuries and correct imbalances in the body.  You Tube and Crossfit.com are both great sources to find out how to perform exercises properly if you do not have a trainer to help assist you.

Here are some of the common excercises you may find in the Fire WOD


Dynamic Warmups / 2 / 3 / 4The Everette Warmup / Burgener Warmup

Power Lifts and Olympic Lifts

Bench Press / Dynamic Bench / Floor Press / Board Press

Deadlift / deadlift 2  / Deadlift 3 / Dynamic Deadlift / Banded Deadlift setup / Banded deadlifts /Sumo deadlift / sumo deadlift2 / Sumo Dead Lift High Pull / Deadlift Instruction / Deadlift Instruction 2

Presses / Press Instructions /  Push Press / Push Press / Strict Press / Push Jerk / Push Jerk / Split Jerk / Split Jerk / Split Press

Squat Clean / Cleans / Powercleans / Clean and Jerk / Clean and Jerk demo

Squat Snatch /Power Snatch / Snatch balance /  One Arm Dumbbell snatch / dumbbell squat snatch /Snatch one arm dumbbell / Snatch- instruction

Squat / Air Squat / Back Squat  / High Bar Back Squat / High Bar Back Squat Cues /  Low Bar Back SquatBox Squat / Box Squat / Front Squats / Front Squat / Overhead Squat


Metcon / Gymnastics

Ball Slams

Box Jumps / Box Jumps Scaled / Box Jump Variations / Box Step ups / Burpee Box Jumps / Tuck Jumps / Broad Jumps

Burpees / Burpee Progression / Burpee Pullups / Burpee Box Jumps

Man Makers

Double Unders / Double unders 2 / double under 3

Hand Stand Push Up / HSPU ProgressionHSPU Variations / Hand Stand Hold / Handstand Walk / Hand Stand Walk Progression / Ring HSPU / Paralette HSPU / Hand Stand shoulder touches

Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings / KB Presses / KB Deadlifts / KB Deadlift High Pulls / Goblet Squats / KB Snatches / Dumbell Snatches

Walking Lunges  / Front Rack Lunges / Reverse Front Rack Lunges / Jump Lunges /

Muscle Up Tutorial / Muscle Up Tips / Muscle Up Progression  / Bar Muscle Ups

Pistols / Pistol progression

Pullup / Jumping pullup variations / kipping pullups / Butterfly Pullups / Butterfly Pullups / Chest to Bar Pullups / Weighted Pullups

Pushup / Push up scaling / Hand Release Pushups / Spiderman Pushups

Ring Dips / Bar Dips / Weighted Dips

Ring Rows / inverted Ring Rows

Rope Climb techniques / Rope Climb Technique 2

Thrusters / Thruster 2

Tire Drags / Tire Drag Variations /  Sledge Hammer Swings1 arm Sledge Swings / Tire Jumps Throughs /Tire Flips

Wall Ball Throws / Wall Balls Technique


Run Technique / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Row technique / Drills / Drills

Core Work and Skill Work

Double Unders

AbMat Situps / AbMat Situp Variations

Alligator Walks

Medicine Ball Walkout / Foam Roller WalkoutInch Worms

Battle Ropes

GHD situps / 2 / 3 / GHD on box

Hollow Rocks / hollow rock to supermans

Hip Extensions / GHD / GHD Back Ext, Hip extension, both /  Bands Hip Extension / Sled / Band Hip Flexor

GHD Glut Ham Raise / GHD Glute Ham Raise / Glut Ham Progressions Bridges

Hanging Leg Raise / Knees to Elbows / Toes to Bar / Progressions

Turkish Getup / Turkish Getup Instruction / Barbell Turkish Getup

L- Sit Progressions / L- Sit

Mountain Climbers / Bear Crawl

Plank / Side Plank / Plank Variations / Weighted Plank / Plank Sled Pull

Wall Walks





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